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Pacific EMIS Education Survey Tool Android App Developer Guide

A work in progress simple guide to get developers ready with writing software for the Education Survey Tool Android app of the Pacific EMIS project.

Release build instructions

Install and open Android Studio (during installation you will be prompted to download SDK - download 27).

Click Open an existing Android Studio project. Select project root folder and click Open.

Navigate to Build → Generate Signed APK…

Click Next.

Click button.

Create keystore. Note: this keystore file used in Cloud integration instructions.

Fill certificate information. Click Ok. Click Next.

Choose release build type. Check both V1 and V2 signatures. Click Finish.

Wait for build. For the first build there will be some errors. They will reveal in Build tab in the Android Studio bottom panel. Just apply suggested fixes. After successful build popup will appear:

Click locate to reveal signed APK in your files explorer.

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